May 4, 2012

A friend who dies; it’s something of you who dies.

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~ Gustave Flaubert

I have rarely felt that the work I do could be anything related to palliative or hospice care.  For the majority of people I serve, they improve, they move on with their life.  But this year, two of my tenants have passed away.  Both had major physical health problems, in addition to battling mental illness.  Both were no longer homeless.  Today, I discovered the bad news that the second one had passed, not less than three months after the first.  Their loss bring me sadness.  As a human race, regardless of religious creed, we have failed ourselves in some way.

I am grateful that they died in their apartment, rather than on the streets.  I am grateful to work alongside and for wonderful people.  But I wish they did not have to die in such a way.

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