August 14, 2011

Proper 15A: Redemption Is Just Around the Corner

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Gen. 45:1-15, Psalm 67, Romans 1:1-2,29-32, Matthew 15:21-28

Caution, objects in mirror are closer than they appear.

In Genesis, Joseph’s family made the long arduous journey to the Egyptian empire, seeking to find reprieve from the famine which threatened to devastate the people of Israel.  They submitted themselves to a ruthless Egyptian Prime minister, not knowing if they would even be allowed to return home alive.  God’s providence was made perfect in the revelation of Joseph’s identify.  Through this act, the brothers were both redeemed from the famine and restored to their brother.  The sin that brought destruction, eventually led to deliverance and restoration.  In similar vein, the Canaanite woman, also outside of God’s mercy, laid out her faith in from of Jesus, and found the redemption and healing she needed.

The psalmist cries out for God’s grace  and blessing and proclaims His reign.  We too, cry out in the dark times.  We may not see the hope before us, but it is often around the corner.  Romans reminds us that God has not rejected his people, but that God’s gifts and mercy are irrevocable.  The path of disobedience ultimately leads to mercy and reconciliation.

The readings remind us that we are closer to the Kingdom of God than it appears.  We find ourselves in dark times, often through our sins against others.  However, today’s message reminds us that redemption is closer than we think.  Like Joseph’s brothers, we rarely see deliverance at our doorstep.  By faith, we wait on the deliverance and restoration that come through the Kingdom of Light.  The old gospel song reminds us that “God walks the dark hills, because he loves you and me.”

Today, we find ourselves in the dark valley, looking to the hills, and wondering from where our help will come.  But we rejoice, though we do not see it, for restoration is coming.  We pray for the restoration of all things, so that God may be all in all.

Redemption is closer that it appears.

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