January 25, 2010

Play the Clothing Game

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Here’s a fun party game next time you have dinner guests over:

Take turns looking at each label on the clothing everyone is wearing.  As you read each label, read the country of origin.  See how many different countries your clothing comes from.  Have someone keep a tally of all of the countries.  Then add up your score, and check it against the World Oppression Scale:

20+ = World Overlord
15-19 = Super Oppressor
10-14 = Mild Oppressor
5-9 = Weak Oppressor
0-4 = You live in a developing country


  1. Ken Bandy said,

    Do you have a job?

  2. Daniel said,

    I sure do, why do you want to know?

  3. Ken Bandy said,

    I think it will help me understand your post. It seems as though I can’t avoid being an oppressor. Without checking my clothing I already determined that I do not live in a developing country. I have a job, too, and the clothes I purchase to go to work, be in public before and after work, and avoid upsetting my neighbors tend to be from other countries. So I guess the only option I have left is to quit my job and stay in my house, out of public sight. Are you going to quit your job? If not, how will you avoid being an opprressor?

  4. Daniel said,

    I never said quitting one’s job somehow solved any of this. My point was simply to help us think about how globalized our lives are — that at any one moment, even the clothing we wear may represent people from all over the world — many of which suffer poor conditions and become utterly dependent on our economies. If we simply think about the decisions we make when we buy things, we can attempt to curve the market towards the direction of just labor. But if we continue to ignore the source of our production, the market will continue to do what is cheapest and most beneficial to us, regardless of who or what it hurts in the process.

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