January 5, 2010

Have We Missed Jesus’ Return?

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We Christians are pretty prideful about having the eschaton completely figured out.  We believe that Christ is going to come riding on the clouds out of heaven one day to bring about the judgment, or purification of the world.  But what if we’re wrong?

Sure we support our views of a magnificent and powerful return to this earth — we can find the scripture to support it.  But didn’t the Jews make the exact same mistake?  They completely misinterpreted the prophetic call for the Messiah.  They believed he would be an earthly king and wield earthly power.  But he showed up as a baby to a poor teenager.  Hardly the grandiose picture from prophecy.  And yet, we now see the wisdom of God’s “foolishness”.

What makes us think that we’re going to get the second coming right?  Our picture of the return of God to this earth is surely grandiose by worldly standards.  But “what if Jesus comes back like  that,” to quote Collin Raye, as a baby of a poor inner-city teenager, or more likely as the child of an “untouchable in India.  Maybe we’ve already missed the second coming, because it happened right under our nose and we’re staring up towards heaven waiting for the trumpets and thunder.

God “fooled” us once with his presence on earth, perhaps he’ll do it again.  Maybe we should stop trying to find the power of God within our earthly system, because we will likely miss it.  If we’re truly looking for Jesus, we may need to look in the dark, seedy corners of our society.  If we want the kingdom to grow, maybe we should focus on making it smaller, and less grandiose of a concept — then maybe we’ll find it.

God is incredible at shaming our earthly wisdom.  Perhaps we should abandon the expectations of that wisdom, and if we’re lucky, we wont miss out on his return.

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