December 8, 2009

Advent Prayer

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Dear Lord,
As we look all around us
We see a world of pain
We see the untimely death of our friends and family
The pain and suffering caused by poor health
Poor decisions and random chance
Our reliance on our economic system
reminds us of the deep flaws of this world
When economies fail from our reckless pursuit of wealth
When we cannot control the circumstances around us
We see the suffering of our cities
The 18 year old mother
Her children living in the cold and dark despair of loneliness
We seek refuge in the morality of wealth and hard work
And we find that this too, is fleeting
That worldly systems always fail
Leaving us to our despair and hopelessness
In spite of the trust we put in them
And our insistence, our utter dependence on these systems
We confess that we have all to often trusted in ourselves
We see the despair that we have caused
And we realize that we are powerless to change it
We are trapped in the void of despair
To wallow in our misery and pain
Amid this despair, we cry out
Come, Lord Jesus.
Save us from this fallen world
Save us from our own desires
We yearn for your presence on this earth
For the reign of the kingdom of God
As your creation cried out in the wilderness
As they mourned the loss of your temple and your holy city
As they decried the brutal rejection of your son
They eagerly awaited hope and deliverance
And it is with this same yearning that we cry for rebirth
We seek a rebirth in your kingdom
A rebirth in a new way of life in a new political economy
We cry for this deliverance
We yearn for rebirth and a new creation
And it is with this yearning
That we put off our selfish desires
And reject our own power
Deliver us, O God of Advent
Come quickly to our rescue, Lord Jesus
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