October 21, 2009

A Prayer of Mercy

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Lord, give me new eyes
To see people as you see them
To glimpse the Creator within
The image of God in everyone
To value their humanity
and to see their beauty.

Lord, give me new ears
To hear a new voice
To listen to people as you would
Not to hear what I want to hear
But to seek to understand
and to respond to them, not me.

Lord, give me a new brain
To move beyond my own logic
And my own thoughts and desires
To see the logic of your kingdom
To learn godly wisdom
and to always seek your knowledge

Lord, give me a new heart
To seek your face
To embody your love to others.
Not to follow my own passions
But to quench my fire
and reignite the all-consuming fire.

Lord, give me a new soul
To live in your present kingdom
Not to seek my own awakening
Or attain something ethereal
But to live as you have willed
in the unity of heaven and earth.

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