August 19, 2009

Colors of the Polity

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I took a walk down memory lane last night, re-reading my journals from time spent in Ghana. I got to thinking about the colors of the flag of Ghana… colors which are common to most African nations. I still wear necklaces from Africa that have those colors on them. Perhaps, I wear them in hopes that one day I’ll rekindle my connection to that continent.

The colors of the flag of Ghana are red, green, yellow/gold, and black.  Red represents the blood of the people who have endured hardship and struggle.  Black represents the people themselves.  Yellow/Gold represents the rich mineral resources.  Green represents the land.

These colors symbolize what is natural and pure about the continent.  And yet, I begin to think about our American colors. What symbols would represent what America is.  Better yet — what is America?  What values do we hold?  My first thought is positive — innovation, hard-work, freedom.  And yet, my mind wanders to the negative — inequality, oppression, corporate interests run amuck, rabid individualism, and the list goes on.

Again, I’m thankful for the colors of the kingdom of God — peace, love, humility, hope.

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