August 6, 2009

Death to Christian Politics

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Politics is a tough topic for me.  I grew up in a conservative household with conservative ideals.  However, I entered a profession where I quickly saw the limitations of the paradigm I grew up with.  I find I generally lean to the more liberal side (whatever that truly means), but my politics are full of mixed emotions and beliefs that  don’t truly fit into one box.  I try to see myself as a critic of both sides, but it’s just so much easier to ridicule and be disgusted with the Republicans right now, especially the Christianist right, for which I feel an especially strong frustration with, since I feel that many of these people are supposed to be my brothers and sisters in Christ, and yet seem to be the most militantly argumentative and bitter about their beliefs.

I read Andrew Sullivan, the Economist, Daily Kos (though I often get frustrated with it’s militancy).  America presents a unique government situation for the church.  Taught to live within the laws of the land, but to put no trust or efforts into worldly authority, early Christianity had a tenuous relationship marred by persecution.  Government antagonized Christians for a couple hundred years, until Constantine came along and integrated religion into the state.  Once government became neutral, it was only natural that Christians would feel the need to engage and mold it.  And the advent of democracy has only magnified that mission.  Governance by the people requires us to share dialogue about beliefs and values and to achieve a consensus on law.  However, many Christians have bastardized the gospel message with the message of politics — an attempt to mold and force Christian principles on others.

As Christians, we must acknowledge that the gospel is not tied to worldly authority.  The message of Jesus thrives in suffering and persecution, not when Christians have grasped an authority over others.  Yet many who claim to follow Christ have exchanged their salvation for worldly wealth and a political paradigm that is first of all, self-seeking.

My belief has always been that Christians should engage this political system.  However, the way we have engaged it over the last 40 years has been awful.  Our political state is so bad, that a church leader refused further discussion with me, when I wrote him concerning his comments that attempted to use scripture to bash a particular judicial candidate.  Our society is rife with ugly politics.  And Christians are the worst.  Fundamentalists aren’t even supporting a party for religious reasons anymore — they’ve bought into a system of demonizing people based on the R or D next to their name.

So for now, death to politics.  More to follow.


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