July 30, 2009

Praying for Shalom

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We live in fractured society… a society that even praises the ideal of fracturedness.  Call it compartmentalization.  We can be all things to all people (and not in a Pauline sense).  We’re encouraged to be people who are “adaptable” and can fit any situation.  We’re one thing on Sunday, and something different on the next day.

Our society values the ability to fracture ourselves.  And yet, this is an unhealthy lifestyle.  We often feel like we’re lying to ourselves about who we are or cheating other people.  “This is not who I am.”  Our attempt to please and be accepted leaves us feeling empty.

The emotion we’re all seeking is peace.  We just want a few minutes to relax, to calm down and not feel worried or frustrated.  However, the Biblical idea of peace is much more meaningful.  To distance ourselves from a simplistic understanding of peace, we should use the Hebrew word of Shalom.  Shalom, or peace, is the idea of wholeness or harmony.

Shalom is the opposite of fracturedness.  It’s God over all and in all things.  Rather than a disjointed life, we seek a life through Christ where everything is connected and flows freely.  If we’re compartmentalizing and fracturing every aspect of our lives, we are NOT experiencing God’s peace.  Only when the pieces of our lives fit together and connect freely do we truly experience the peace that God provides.

Our world is broken and fractured, but we seek the God of peace, who is the only power that can restore our brokenness and bring harmony and wholeness into our lives.

May the God of peace put the pieces of our broken lives back together and may his Spirit bring peace both within ourselves and within our community.

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