July 22, 2009

House Updates

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Life has been busy the past week.  Several family (including lots of children) are visiting the Lotus House next week, so our restorating work is in high gear.  (In case you didn’t know, our house flooded in December.)  We’re putting up new drywall, painting, tearing out hardwood floors, sanding, etc.  I’m a little sore and tired and I’ve inhaled a lot of dust (probably some asbestos), but I find labor very rewarding and peaceful — especially when my daytime job is very sedentary.  I currently ride my bike frequently for exercise, but I think purposeful labor makes for better exercise, as opposed to riding in circles and accomplishing nothing.

We had a house meeting last week.  It was a blessing to be a part of — to discuss our feelings about our efforts thus far and how we as a community can seek to improve our efforts.  I found it very encouraging and inspiring.  It is easy to feel like what we’ve done is insignificant, and yet, looking at our culture around us — our preferences and lifestyles — I believe that we are doing something unique and challenging, in spite of our limitations.

I am very grateful for my housemates.  Without these people challenging me, and without my accountability to them, my life would be much different.  I’m taking better care of myself, seeking God’s kingdom more, and seeking to serve others.  Without community, these things would be much more burdensome.  I wish everyone could experience community like this.

Our house will be losing a member later this year, and it is easy to be discouraged by that.  Yet our meeting gives me hope that God will continue to bless what we’re doing and bring other people into the community.  We realize not everyone can live in our house, or even on our street, so we are attempting to broaden our horizons about how this community can be inclusive of other people who want to commit to a similar lifestyle.

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