July 15, 2009

Food Poetry

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by Daniel Gray

The nation weeps for a crime it does not know.
The blood seeps through every field and row.
Food has a cost though it seems so cheap.
Knowledge is lost in pursuit of sweet sleep.
We believe a lie in a world so vast.
But the food we buy has a hidden past.

The factory farm overcrowds the livestock.
All kinds of harm occur on the chopping block.
Disease and death fall on society.
They stop the breath and bring sobriety.

The animals we eat have a sad story.
In pursuit of meat, we find no glory.

The corn-fed cow on the government dime.
Fatten it now, for there is no time.
Its natural food is simply the grass.
The corn is pursued so the fat will amass.

The chicken is fat after 49 days.
A sight to look at in all its malaise.
The hormones make it grow beyond its heart.
A humane life to forgo on its way to the mart.

Cheap labor abounds on the farm.
Rarely our neighbor, we see no alarm.
Mexican and poor are paid low wages.
Bussed to the door to tend to the cages.
Dirty conditions and a high risk for disease
Are predispositions for death’s quick decrees.

Patents were granted for genetically altered seeds.
The crop now supplanted reduced farmers weeds.
They reused the seed, which led to a feud.
Through corporate greed the farmers were sued.
Who has a right to the seed of the earth?
With a fist so tight to demand its worth?

The corporate defense runs amuck in D.C.
A role so immense that we surely aren’t free.
Corporate shills occupy government positions.
They sign onto bills that fill corporate missions.
Inspections are down and disease runs amuck.
You can thank this town for passing the buck.

We subsidize soy and corn without good cause.
We’re addicted to this porn — food full of flaws.
These two crops are in everything we eat.
Only a few drops or the heart of red meat.
They’re in our fast food which has become so cheap.
The price is now skewed, so our wallets don’t weep.
Healthy food is expensive while junk food is not.
We choose the inexpensive and our bodies will rot.

You must be shrewd if food is focal.
Know your food and buy it local.
Do not sustain the corporate factory.
Organics retain what is satisfactory.
Grow food in your yard and eat in season.
Be on your guard, and be of reason.

This poem was inspired by the movie Food, Inc.

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