July 14, 2009

Lazy Homeless People

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We see the homeless as lazy, inferior people.  It is easy to sit in judgment on people who are homeless.  We judge them by our own lifestyle, and our standards.  We call them lazy and useless because they do not hold the jobs we do or the hobbies we enjoy.  We see them on the street corner asking for money.  And yet, we know very little of their life.

Homeless people can be some of the most resourceful people who can turn nothing into something.  They take our trash, our throwaways, and make them useful again.  We recently placed someone into housing, and within a week, he had his apartment  pretty-well furnished (thanks to college students who are notoriously the worst at throwing away nice things).  Previously, he found most of his food from stuff people threw away.  Though this is very unsanitary, I think it is an indictment on our culture’s disposability and the resourceful of those we so often malign.

The homeless suffer through very harsh weather and learn to make do with very little.  We sit in rooms where the temperature rarely fluctuates more than 8 degrees.  And when it does, we whine and complain.  It is we who are lazy and discontent.

We are the lazy, wasteful, unresourceful people.  Think about all the junk we throw away because we’re too lazy to fix it — we chunk things and buy new ones.  It’s time to see the homeless as resourceful, hard-working people.  Let’s stop judging people by our own standards and get to know people.

In this recession, we could learn quite a few things from the homeless.  When we’re apt to throw things away, we could learn how to care for and make things last a little longer.  We could learn how to do without, to deny ourselves and endure a little discomfort.

Or we can continue to sit in judgment.

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