July 11, 2009

Work Sucks? Redeem it!

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I’ve heard several comments of late regarding the state of work in this country.  People are getting layed off after “busting their butt” and “years of loyalty” to a company that they helped make profit.  I heard a friend describe his job as, “well, it’s a way to earn a living.”

These views are depressing.  Why does work suck so much?  It’s because we’ve made it that way.  I once had a professor at ACU (in the nonprofit sector) who said that work was not supposed to be fun and enjoyable.  For a brief period, I took that as gospel.  However, work can be rewarding.  It should be rewarding.  If it’s not, then quit.

We’ve farmed our skills out to corporate interests and most of us live in a labor economy that separates our work from the fruit of its results.  We’re tiny cogs in a well-oiled machine.  The machine keeps us in line through our drive for a competitive salary and an attempt to keep up with the status of our neighbors.  We’re being spoon-fed a lifestyle and work environment that is not healthy.

So what can we do?

1. Live more contently.  Work will be less of chore that is accomplished to accumulate “things.”

2. Find something you are good at and enjoy doing.

3. Find an environment where you can do it.

Stop working for large corporations.  Learn to work in an environment where you can see the fruit of your labor and be satisfied with the impact your work is having on the environment and people around you.  Become a social entrepreneuer or work for a nonprofit — make a little less money, but be able to see the fruit of your labor’s impact on the good of other people.

In your spare time, learn to work with your hands — especially if you sit at a computer/desk all day.  Plant a garden, build a house, etc.  Learn to re-connect with more functional tasks.

We’re slaves to an unhealthy labor system — it’s time we break that mold and find a more personally and socially beneficial form of “paying the rent.”  If life is a rat race and we’re just paying bills, then why is it worth living?  We need a purpose — something to do and live for that connects this life to the next.


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  1. Daniel said,

    Chris, I marked your post as “spam” because it was completely off-base. My comment had NOTHING to do with making a profit but about our personal choices about the kind of work we do.

    I’ve warned you — I will not tolerate your posting on my blog as long as you continue to post off-topic.

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