July 6, 2009

On the Qualifications of an Elder

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Our churches have gotten it all wrong.  We’ve selected the wrong kind of leaders.  We’ve selected our leadership by the world’s standards, and not God’s.  We’ve been marred by the Protestant Work Ethic, which begsthe assumption that worldly success=Godliness.  We’ve assumed that those who have come to success by worldly standards are also qualified to lead the church.

Church has become a business.  The product is pew-dwellers.  The production line is the large, extravagant multi-million dollar building to hold worship in.  And yet, even by business standards, the church has failed.  The production line is only operable 3 hours a week.

Look at our boards of directors — lawyers, doctors, CEO’s, and other wealthy, successful people.  We’ve assumed these people have the leadership necessary to run the church.  We’ve judged our church members by the wrong standards.

Who needs a shrewd manager to run the church when the Holy Spirit is in control?  The church is not a business — it’s not even a place, or even material.  The church is immaterial.  The type of people we need to lead the church are those who have given their lives over to the control of the Spirit and have given up judgment by worldly standards.  Let’s find church leaders who live by the fruit of the Spirit, who work tirelessly for the sake of others, who listen before they speak, who seek to understand.  Let them run the church — we’d certainly have fewer fights and splits.

I do not mean to say that people who have attained such worldly status cannot be effective leaders.  But let’s admit we’re all looking at the worldly status first and lets start looking at the real qualities.

I think I just prefer a church not have elders — too many people vying for status.

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