June 24, 2009

A Poetic Response to Bad Theology

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by Daniel Gray

There once was an elder who poisoned the sea
He quote Revelation chapter sixteen verse three
The angel said “Stop, you don’t know what you’ve done”
Revelation is symbolic, not some made up fun.

The elder, a lawyer, could argue with a wall,
He quoted his scripture and said “that is all”.
The angel replied, “shut up, we’re not finished”
Your view of scripture is surely diminished.

God told your father way back in the garden,
In order to live here and maintain your pardon,
You had to honor and care for creation,
For this earth will surely not face damnation.

God has a plan for this world in the end,
In spite of the fact that you don’t comprehend.
Creation is certainly groaning and waiting,
And the pains of this earth will soon be abating.

Heaven is not just a place in the sky,
We’re not simply waiting for the sweet by and by,
God’s plan for this earth is surely to restore,
Heaven on earth, and the heavens no more.

When you bring destruction to God’s great green earth,
You’re seeking a way to destroy our new birth.
God will bring judgment that is harsh and true,
Salvation is not just belief, but all that you do.

When you see your fellow man is in pain,
Remember that to help, you cannot abstain.
When the earth is subdued for earthly gain,
Then God’s perfect will is surely in vain.

You must ensure that this earth will prevail,
That you care for the poor, the weak and the frail.
Caring for God’s creation is a serious chore,
So get off your butt and do something more.


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  1. Micah said,

    Wow, Daniel. Very nice and discerning.

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