June 8, 2009

Increasing Social Security

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What if the church was our retirement plan? I’d be scared to invest.

The picture of Christian community in Acts 2 was of people who had all possessions in common. Sadly, the church in America is far from this state. We’re so private, so individualized, so selfish, and so untrusting, that we’re reticent to even help someone in need.

But what if the church was our retirement plan? No need to save money. Regardless of how much you make, the church will take care of its own as they grow older leave the labor force.

We pass off our elderly just as society does — putting them in nursing homes and ignoring them. But what if a church community valued its elderly enough to care for and provide their living expenses. Every church community should have a retirement plan. We’d be less reliant on the world and its system, and more reliant on the body of Christ. But none of this could happen without the re-envisioned community of Acts 2.

Radical idea… but Jesus was a radical.

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