May 30, 2009

DINING for Darfur? What the ??

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diningI was preparing for a Bible class lesson on kindness and ran across a program called Dining for Darfur. I hate to harp on an attempt at doing something good, BUT ARE YOU KIDDING ME? People are suffering from incredible human rights abuses. People are being tortured, raped, and brutally killed, or worse – living a life severely maimed.

And what should we do to help? Let’s all spend money and go out to EAT. People are starving and dying, so let’s go out to a nice restaurant and have a juicy steak. How about this event? Sackcloth and Ashes for Darfur. Not quite so enticing.

Our culture eats out too much. Asking people to go out and eat for charity isn’t sacrificial. Instead, tell people to go home, eat a meal of rice and beans, pray and meditate about how they can do more for a cause, and donate the money they would have spent on a nice meal to efforts in Darfur.
I’ve usually seen the dining for a cause charity industry as a noble idea, but a contrast such as this one really makes me rethink the idea.

And it relates directly to my lesson on kindness. We trivialize kindness (Hebrew: hesed – love/mercy) into these random acts that don’t lead to anything except a clear conscience. Let’s stop being “kind” and let’s really get down and dirty when it comes to helping people and becoming a part of their suffering.

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